AICA Հայաստան

AICA-Armenia, established and registered under the name National Association of Art Critics was founded in January-March 2005. It is acting according to RA Civil Code, Law “On NGOs” and other RA laws. 

The legacy of the Soviet past with its rejection and subjugation of any kind of criticism to the totalitarian ideology on the one hand and the present-day market with its total rejection of public opinion expression have forced art historians working in various fields of art criticism, education and exhibitions to create this association. Interested in Armenian and International modern and contemporary art, its members will try to reestablish the double responsibility of art criticism – spreading critical perception on artists and society in respect of art history in all diversity of its contemporary expressions. 

By means of:
- Organization of exhibitions, festivals and other events covering conferences, seminars, public discussions, art historical research,
- Critical analysis of the exhibitions and different kind of events of public interest in printed and electronic media,
- Defense of the professional copyright and moral interests of the critics in cultural-public relations,
- Inculcation of patenting system to support training courses, organization of local and international art fairs,
- By means of establishing ties with international art organizations and implementation of exchange programs,

the Association aims at:
- Formation of art historical thinking (criticism, theory, history),
- Providing transparency of public project implementation mechanisms,
- Harmonization of cultural policies to modern demands, improvement of legislative field,
- Increase the role of art critic in the cultural-political sphere,
- Development of expertise and coordination field, creation of professional grounds for privet galleries performance quality, formation of art markets,
- Establishment of cultural dialog between different countries.